Mark Olson is one of the few Mishicot School District janitors, which he loves to do. Mishicot wouldn’t be the place it is without the people who help clean the schools. Mark also drives the bus for students that need to get home, so he helps get kids home safe on the bus. Mark does what he can to keep children safe and healthy, still doing it while balancing things at home, his own kids, and a life full of challenges.
Being Mark’s oldest son, I am always hearing my dad, Mark Olson, saying, “A clean hallway is a safe hallway.” There have been days that I have had to go and help Mark (because he’s my dad) clean the halls and take out the trash from classrooms, and I realize that what he does is not easy. It’s hard work, and he deserves the credit I am putting into this. If it weren’t for Mark, the hallways and classrooms would be a whole level less clean and nice than they are because of him.
The days that Mark drives the school bus, transporting a lot of kids to and from school, he always has stories of kids that come up to him, and how “fun” it is to drive the bus and listen to little kids in the bus. From these stories, I can tell that driving the bus is a lot of work, and can be a handful to do. “There was a kid that said to me, ‘Mr. Bus Driver, you have a spider on your head!’, and I knew that they had put the fake spider on my head, but I slowly reached up, patted my head as though I was searching for it, and when I reached it, all of those kids started laughing.” This was one of his many stories of driving the bus with young kids. He has told me that he has had to stop the bus, unbuckle, and tell the kids to stop being loud. And this is one of those things that Mark has to do to keep his job. Making sure that kids have their masks on the bus is also something that he has to keep track of, which is very important. He is very polite about it, and he normally does not have to yell at kids a lot of the time, because now, they know what to do because of him. Because of Mark, those kids on the school bus are able to have a good time, and stay healthy and safe at the same time.
Through this all, Mark has a wife, two kids (me included), and four dogs, which can be stressful for him. But, he is still able to overcome all of the challenges in his way, and find a way to do his job. Mark is such an amazing guy (and an amazing dad). He cares for the people he has to help throughout the days, whether at home or at work.

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