Chanel displays an excellent portrayal of someone who exudes healthy confidence. In our current society, self esteems have depleted drastically. That is due to social media implanting the ideal standard of beauty, life and relationships into our heads. Chanel, like any other teenage girl, has let social media become one of the most detrimental components to her self-esteem. But now she's comfortable in her own skin and wishes everyone can flourish the way she has. She visualized herself as her best self. Society looks down on people who have "too much" confidence and think too highly of themselves but you have to remember that even though you're your biggest critic, there's still going to be people out there who are praying on your downfall. But it's your decision whether you want to let them get to you and entertain them or to overlook it and recognize your own self-worth.

This billboard was made by Chanel

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