Mom you are a true inspiration to me. mom I admire the way you handled growing up in a single parent household battling between work and school to help grandma make ends meet. I admire how you wasn’t afraid to catch the Marta bus back and forth to school even when other kids had transportation and cars. I admire how even when your mom passed away before you graduated high school, you never stopped working, you never gave up. I admire how even though you found yourself in a toxic, draining, evil situation, you never let it break you or change the person you are. I admire you because even though you lost it all, you remained strong and dedicated till you gained it all again one by one. I admire you mom because even when we don’t know how were going to get through it, you never let us worry or fear. I admire you mom because you did it and you continue to do it every day with a smile on your face. It is because of your strength that I continue to live my life day by day without giving up and knowing that I can do it as well. My inspiration. My motivation. My hero. i love you mom

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