Before my senior year of high school, I always wanted to play college golf. As my senior year went on, I starting losing confidence and losing hope in my game. Every day my game was slipping away from me and I was getting worse as the days went on. There was a point where I couldn't afford the game anymore and I started to give up. Things got toxic with my swing coach and i decided to part ways with her after 9 years. I basically quit in January 2019. All my hope of playing college golf was gone, I was hopeless. But one day when I was at lunch with my girlfriend, I got a call from Art Gelow from Savannah State. He wanted me to play golf here at SSU. I had a visit with him in March and in August I arrived in Savannah. From that moment when he called me till now, I worked my tail off to get to the level I am at today. If it wasn't for coach Gelow, I would be a lost cause back at home with no future unlike the one I have here playing college golf.

This billboard was made by Nick Macsuga

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