Stephen Curry was born on March 14, 1988. Stephen was born in Akron,OH.
He plays in the NBA for the Golden States Warriors.
When Stephen was a kid, he practiced with his dad and brother.
When he was in middle school he was a good shooter but he had to
learn how to shoot the ball in a different way because his dad and his coach said that
he was shooting weird. One day Steph and his dad went to his dad’s old child hood
basketball goal that was smaller than a normal sized goal and practiced all day.
As he was growing up he played baseball and basketball and
realized that he was better at basketball so he quit baseball and started practicing and paying more attention on basketball. When he was in high school, he got 40 points, 3
games in a row. When Steph practices he uses tennis balls and dribbles then while
holding weights so he can get stronger and get better dribbling and ball handling skills.
His dad use to play for the Hornets, and was a pretty good player. When Steph
got to collage few collages wanted him, but Davidson Collage. Steph has won three
champion ships, he has been MVP two times, and he has gotten 4 rings from 2018,
2017, 2015, and in 2011.
Achievement is a good value because he practiced allot to get to where he is
now. He achieved his dream to be in the NBA. Then he is also one of the top three
best players in NBA history.

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