Kelly was born in Kentucky July, 8th 1985 she is 33. Her parents are Englentina Alaniz and Danny Callahan. Her mom committed suicide when she was 12 and her dad was never really around.
life wasn’t always easy as a teenager for Kelly. After her mom died she was moved around to foster home to foster home. Kelly had to be really independent at a young age. Her dad wasn’t around so he couldn’t take care of her.
Kelly has one older brother boogie and younger sister named Elizabeth. They were separated into different foster homes. When they were in different foster homes they didn’t get to see each other till they were 18.
Once Kelly turned 18 she went to college and lived on campus. Kelly never graduated because she began working to support herself a full time job and part time job. One of Kelly’s biggest regrets was not finishing school and becoming a lawyer.
Some ways you can be independent is do stuff on your own. Another way you can be independent is make your own decisions. The last way you can be independent is that you don’t have to ask for help from other people.

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