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Trudy Ann Campbell is a born Jamaican woman,who is passionate,purposeful driven,goal and family oriented and she is a care giver,god mother and inspiration to many not just across the caribbean but the entire globe felt her warm gesture. A pioneer of believing in the possibilities beyond the horizon that everything is attainable and possible. She is a career person,tush,classical and more of all,goal giver,pace setter.You just need to meet her once and the smile on her face radiantly will consume your heart from afar.She is family oriented,a leader of leaders and one who inspire others to reach for high apples and great potentials in life. Trudy Ann as fondly call is a prolific writer,singer and highly intelligent and have inspire many across her hood to go and dream bigger than their greatest fears. She is graceful,woman of substance and classic of her own.She has the passion of trailing the blaze and setting it rolling and thus passing it on.
She is a super woman and her stories in both ways from family,education and life itself have inspired many to reach for the unreachable.Class and Grace speak volume of Trudy Ann.


This billboard was made by Trudy Ann Campbell
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