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Shanda from Hoover, Al SEPTEMBER 26, 2016
Love it! I love spending quality time with my family, very important. Great job Micah.

Pam from Atlanta SEPTEMBER 25, 2016
I feel the same way about family. Family feeds the soul. Great job, Micah!

Bonita from Texas SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
Families are a blessing. Well done Micah!

Yolanda from Nashville, TN SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
Micah you are so creative. I love your billboard. Family is everything.

Libby from Birmingham, AL SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
love love love this. and you're right, family is everything. Great Job Micah!!!!!

Crystal from Dallas SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Micah, love your swag, this is Awesome!!

Toya from Irondale, AL  SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Awesome! It's a blessing to be alive to spend time with family. Love is the center of our family heartstrings!

Michael from Alabama SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
What a great Billboard. Well Done!!

LaRhonda from Alabama  SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Love It!!! Great job Micah!

Kenneth from South Carolina  SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Great Idea!

Lee from South Carolina SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
That's what I'm thinking!!! Family!!!!

Kenneth from South Carolina  SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Great JOB!!!!

Linda from Alabama SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Fantastic Billboard..Professionally done!!!

Denise from Birmingham SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
This says it all. Family is so important and this says it all!! Wonderful job, Micah!!

Mattie Chambers from Moundville, Alabama SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
I am soooo PROUD of you Micah for knowing at such a young age how important FAMILY VALUES are.. We love You #TeamFam#

Fam Bam!!! Togetherness!! Great work Micah!!!

Latrice from Texas SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
You have a beautiful and blessed family!

Maria Davis from Opelika, AL SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Great job Micah!

Patricia from Alabama SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
I love it! Way to go, Micah Burroughs!

Patricia from Alabama SEPTEMBER 21, 2016
Great job, Micah Burroughs! WTG!

Cady from Georgia SEPTEMBER 21, 2016
That is very creative

Love from Mississippi  SEPTEMBER 21, 2016
Awesome billboard

micah from alabama SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
it looks great

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