Let us see what love can do. —William Penn
“Let us see what love can do.”

William Penn founder of Pennsylvania, United States

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JT from Wenatchee, WA MARCH 28, 2021
If you don’t want to complain about your country, then do better research. Then vote and that doesn’t mean listen to others. If you dig deep, you’ll have no reason to weep.

madison oviedo from USA DECEMBER 18, 2013
"Let us feel what peace actually is"

madison oviedo from my house DECEMBER 18, 2013
i think having peace is the best thing that could happen.havin peace is feels like you are alone by yourself.it is a really good feeling.

Mabweh from Malaysia DECEMBER 13, 2013
Oh yeah, love can jump the ocean with its eyes closed. Its Unstoppable.

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