What value defines you?

We all try to live by many different values, but usually one of them stands out a little more than the others...
Is your value love? grit? giving back? What value defines you?


A Bus Conductor

Well am not that much good in english..But I will try my best.. One day I get into a bus.Conductor came near by me.I gave him the money.And I said the name of the place.But conductor got angry.And said, "Are you blind..you didn't saw the bus board?This bus will not go to that place."I really felt sad.And I...

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Hit By A Truck While Standing On The Sidewalk

3 and 1/2 years ago, I was standing on the sidewalk waiting to cross the street when a pickup came through the intersection trying to turn right. His rate of speed and blood alcohol caused him to go up on the sidewalk and hit me. I am a nurse and have always wanted to be a nurse. I loved my job. The injuries I...

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Started as an average Asian kid, everything seemed normal and fun until I got to Grade 3. My grades were just dropping, my parents forced me to study harder and there were some tough nights where they would give me an hour long lectures which I hated, but had to deal with. Through grade 4, 5, and 6 I kept having...

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42 Years And Going Strong

Not a day when I have doubted my love for this girl. We got to enjoy our 42’nd Wedding Anniversary, while visiting the stunningly rugged and beautiful Mayan towns surrounding Lake Atitlan in Guatemala this past week. A half hour speedboat ride across the lake, got us to the artisan town of San Juan la Laguna,...

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When I began dating my husband, he had an 8 month old son. We married a short time later when baby boy was almost 14 months old. He has a mother, she tries to participate but usually falls short. I’ve always called him my baby., even though he’s now 8 years old. I’ve had 3 children since I’ve been married. When...

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My Eon

I have a 3 year old who has autism his name is Ezra and he is a amazing little boy but everyone who meets him and learns he has autism tells me there sorry and treats him so different and tells me how sorry they are and he is a amazing little boy it's hard to get people to understand he's just like everyone else...

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Great Valleys And Falls Were Created Through Perseverance .

They say life doesn't give you what you deserve but what you fight for.Life has all that we need to live like gold underneath the earth that you need to extract from the mother earth.In extracting it there levels of difficulties which we encounter .As we go deeper the earth there level that are soft and...

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Lucky Fin For The Win!

Hello my name is Ashley and I'm 23 years old. I was born missing the lower part of my right arm. I grew up in a day and age where I never saw anyone like me. You didn't see people with missing limbs working in your local grocery store, on TV, on billboards, or even being confident just walking around. I never had...

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The Day I Loss Her

Do you remember the last time you spoke to your mother? If you do, when was that? Do you remember the last time you expressed how much you love her? If so, when? I am unsure if it was only me but we tend to have this habit of shying away from the expressing how important our mother or our father to us. I...

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Happy #autismawarenessmonth everyone. This song is the culmination of my senior project at The Center School. My topic revolves around the Socioeconomic Status of people with autism and how it affects their education. This song, however, more talks about the subject of my topic and why I chose this topic. This...

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my sister was born with down syndrome in 1997 after being alive for a few days , sadly she passed away . She was going to be my younger sister , i was going to take care of her and love her endlessly. i feel like God gave me a purpose in life to work with individuals with down syndrome, to put my devotion that i...

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I motivate myself everyday to conquer school and the battle of life. Sometimes it can be a challenge but if you believe in yourself then you'll get through anything. My father motivates me everyday to make my day worth living. He told me that if I was brave enough that I could do anything in life. Be strong and...

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Not Only Me.

There was a time where I completely gave up. A time where I thought I wasn’t worthy to live up to my dreams. I was wrong. I joined a school that helped me find myself. Helped me understand who I truly was, what I really wanted to be. They believed in me so much that I was completely connected with one particular...

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A Story To Tell

So recently I got goosebumps. It was Friday, November 17. I was so pumped since it was the end of the week and we had planned to go out and eat for dinner. I went school like it was a normal day, but little did I know there was a shock waiting for me at school. There’s this boy in my band, Spanish and math...

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Veteran Smiles

During a trip to a local veteran’s hospital with my dad in 2012, a Marine Corps veteran, I noticed that many of the veterans lacked basic toiletries and lived too far from the hospital for family or friends to visit regularly. I was only 13 at the time, but decided to make a 4‑H service project to bring...

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