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It is a hard thing to forgive people. My best friend and I had a recent argument and we decided not talk over the summer. For me it is really hard to not talk to her. She hurt me and I hurt her. The way we hurt each other is that we pressed each others buttons really well. I am not sure how to fix the problem. I apologized, talked and rationalized with her. Nothing seems to work.

I feel like I have the capacity to forgive. I realized that forgiveness teaches us a couple of lessons. Being wronged by another is a way of reminding us how easily we can be hurt, and perhaps we will be less likely to hurt or wrong someone else because we, ourselves, have been hurt or wronged.

I realized that we are not perfect and that everyone falls short of someone's standards and its painful when we fall short of our own. I always promised my self that I wouldn't push it to the next level but I did.

Forgiveness seems to be the answer to the vicious cycle of wrongs committed against each other.

I am not clear if we are going to be friends after the summer but the lessons she taught me are life lessons. And all I can do now is pray and hope that the wounds we both created heal. I trust that our friendship is stronger and capable of overcoming a bump in the road.

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Stephanie D. from Washigton, D.C. NOVEMBER 16, 2009
This article is about the same thing that happened to me but it didn't happen during the summer. It happened during school, it really hard to loose a best friend. I loved him so much... and I will never forget about him!