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My whole life I have never lived with my real dad, so everything that I have done has been with my mother. She has inspired me a lot in my life. My family has struggled a lot since my mother has always been the only source of income for our family, not to mention she had to balance working and taking care of me and my brothers. Despite the difficulties, we all have turned out to be good kids.

My mother encouraged me to play football and now I have a scholarship to play football for Scottsdale Community College. I remember the day she showed up at my high school and embarrassed me. I had not been showing up for practice so the coach called my mother. When she heard the news she came to my school to find me and ask why I wasn't at practice. I can now say that is the best thing she ever did for me because now I have a chance to make it in the NFL.

I really value my mother because without her I would not be were I am today. She has helped me see my vision.

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faris from malaysia AUGUST 9, 2017
nice one!

Brigitte Roy from Papua New Guinea MAY 8, 2017
Really inspiring story. Your mum is similar like my mother.

Rosiegirl from Tulsa MARCH 3, 2017
sweet and kind story

fathinath junaina from bangalre JANUARY 31, 2012
nice story

Judy D. from New York APRIL 22, 2009
I was also a single mom and raised 4 kids on my own. They also turned out to be wonderful adults. We had rough times, but we made it. It sounds like your mom passed on her morals and values to you. There is no greater gift when it is done with love.