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Believe... Believe... Believe. That is the one word that I told myself everyday. If I could do this, lose the weight on my own, it would be the biggest accomplishment of my life.
You see, my story is worth reading because I did the impossible... or I thought it was impossible. I was over 130lbs overweight, 45 years old and in poor health. I became a type two Diabetic due to my poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I simply didn't care. I was put into the hospital because of a bacterial infection in my blood. I had a fever of 104.2 and a very high white cell count. The doctor also informed me that my sugar count was 297 (normal range is under 130). My family doctor came into my hospital room to speak to me. I was in shock at the way he was speaking to me. He was furious. He asked me why I was throwing my life away and said if I continued down this road I would not be here to see my children graduate college, get married and will not get to see my grandchildren someday. THAT WAS MY WAKE UP CALL.
I still say that had my doctor not been so upfront and honest with me I never would have done the impossible. That very next day... my life began. I was determined to eat healthy, exercise, and prove to myself that it is not impossible... I just had to believe in myself. I became informed about food, I taught myself the proper way to eat and exercise. I was very tough on myself too. I would not allow myself to cheat. I set short term goals, conquered them, and continued to set more goals. I allow myself a treat for every 20 lbs I lose. It has been 15 months since I started this weight loss program. I have lost 138lbs and I have gone from a size 24 to a 10. I am so proud of myself. I am also very happy that I have inspired others at work to lose weight and more importantly helped them believe in themselves. I hope that my story inspires others not only to lose weight, but to believe that they can do anything they put their mind to. I am a stronger person than I was 15 months ago. I believe that whatever goal I set out to accomplish, I will. I hope others will be inspired by my story, and one day believe they can do the impossible.

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Tejas S. from India MAY 12, 2009
Truly Inspirational story. It will definitely inspires others

Janice from MA MARCH 23, 2009
You are amazing...bless you..