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As a child I knew my brother was sick. But, until recently I never understood the impact his illness would have on his life, as well as mine. In the past year, at the young age of 33, my brother's kidneys began to fail as a result of Juvenile diabetes.

When I realized his health was declining, I chose to give him the gift of life. Without hesitation I volunteered to donate a kidney to my brother. After months of testing I was a perfect match. The day of the surgery would be the day that changed both of our lives forever. We are now bonded in a unique way forever. All I wanted from this experience was to see my brother live a healthier and longer life. Instead, this life changing experience has made me look at life and family in a different way. I am so grateful that I was able to help make a difference in someone's life, especially my brother's.

Being an organ donor (living or deceased) is a wonderful experience for both parties involved and their families. It is a great to know everyday that you helped make someone's life better.

All it takes is selflessness, courage, and love.

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Christopher B. from Miami, Fl MAY 12, 2009
That was an amazing thing you can ever do to your brother I'm happy for you!

Edwin M. from MIAMI , FLORIDA APRIL 14, 2009
That is a wonderful thing you did for your bro!

Dheeraj from Delhi JUNE 11, 2008
I am happy that selfless love still exist in this world. Well done.

Minnie V. from Irvine, California USA FEBRUARY 29, 2008
Bless both of you. You are a compassionate person. It takes a lot of courage to do what you did to help a loved one close to you. Just remember good things happen to good people when you least expect it. Your the best!

Dan from Manila DECEMBER 3, 2007
I wish to have the kind courage you have.