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Yesterday I was fortunate enough to find one more person in our world who is genuinely kind and caring. It was about 11:00 p.m. when my telephone rang. The caller ID showed the number of a Best Western Motel. Normally, I would ignore this type of call, letting the machine pick it up. For some reason, though, I went ahead and answered.

The man on the other end asked if I knew Samual K.. I did, as he is my 91-year-old grandfather. Still not understanding why I was the one that had been called, the caller went on to tell me that I was the only relative listed in the phone book. He said his name was Mason and he was the manager at the Best Western Motel where my grandpa had showed up wanting to rent a room. The problem was grandpa had no money with him, only an expired credit card. He was distraught and he really didn't seem to know what was going on. Grandpa couldn't remember any phone numbers, so Mason called all over the state trying to get help.

Grandpa told me that he just wanted me to tell Mason that he is an okay guy and is good for the money. He promised he would send the money to him just as soon as he got home. But the management there was concerned because my grandfather appeared to be lost. He had been going somewhere else when he got on the wrong bus somehow and ended up 100 miles from home.

Not wanting to turn him away and not wanting the police to take him to jail, Mason went above and beyond any normal duty. Not only did he take the time to contact me, but he then allowed me to use my credit card to charge just $39 so that grandpa could stay safely and comfortably overnight. (The rooms normally rent for about $140!) And then the staff of that motel all watched over him until my uncle was able to drive the 100 miles to pick him up!

So, its just one more piece of evidence that proves, that there are still good people out there, every where you go, who care.

Thanks Mason! Pass it on!

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Lissa J. from Utah MAY 7, 2008
Great many thanks and what a blessing Mason is! Incredible to listen to that intuitive and nurturing instinct and provide what was desperately needed in the moment. I am so touched by the synchronicity in the world and the actions and inspirations that meet the needs of others especially at a time of crisis.

Sarah M. from Dallas, Texas USA DECEMBER 1, 2007
This story brought tears to my eyes! How precious that someone out there was looking out for your beloved grandfather and went the extra mile to do it. If only all the elderly could be cared for like this...wouldn't that be nice? Thanks for sharing this lovely story. :)

Norman from Nairobi, Kenya OCTOBER 31, 2007
Thanks to the generous people out there who go beyond the call of duty to offer help to others.