Submitted by America Valles

Well my name is America Valles and I am a sophomore at Ennis High School. And I would like to tell my story that inspired me to write it . However, my very passion is helping others in anything well basically most in health problems. For example, one day that I was in 5th grade sitting in my classroom doing some work that the teacher told us to do quietly , and my teacher got a call from the from office that someone came to pick me up. So she took the call and said “ So America you're leaving early today and have a good afternoon”. But I didn’t know that someone was going to pick me up early because, my mom didn’t tell me nothing when she drop me off in the morning. So I left school and my aunt didn’t tell me nothing she just drove and drove without saying any word to me or why she picked me up instead of my mom? Furthermore, I was just wondering where we were heading towards but I didn’t get any information until, I told my aunt “ Why did you pick me up and not my mom? And where are we going because, my mom didn’t tell me nothing that you were going to pick me up or take me somewhere.” She end up telling me what had happened and why she picked me up and she said “ Well I got a call from your mom to pick you up early because, something had happen to your aunt your mom’s sister that she was at the hospital very ill because of the “Lung Cancer” she had in her . As I was hearing that about my aunt I was feeling something in my heart and inside my body I didn’t know what I was feeling but it was something. However, we finally got to the Baylor Hospital and asked for my aunt where was she and how she was doing. They told us that she was very ill because and they couldn't infer if she was going to save herself or just not survived. I called my mom to see where she was with the rest of the family so I could go with her and I did. But when I saw my family they were all crying and crying because, the doctor had said to them that she didn’t have any faith or chance of getting saved. After, the doctor said that about her I went to her room where she was and I spoke to her. She was telling that she just didn’t have any strength or hope to be fighting against the cancer. But I kept telling her that I needed her and not just me but all of her family did too and all her advice and all her spirit she had. I gave her like a huge long speech but after what I had told her she didn’t give up and she kept fighting over that ugly Lung Cancer. By the end of the 2 years passed the doctor told her she was FREE FROM THE CANCER!!!!! After she got that news we were all happy to see her back and being back with her family that missed her so much.That’s why I want to help people and others that think they cant fight over there ill.

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Anonymous JANUARY 7, 2018
Very confident child.

Anonymous JULY 12, 2017
very nice

Anonymous NOVEMBER 11, 2016
Blessed you girl you have a will power :)

sha  OCTOBER 19, 2016
OMG ha………