Submitted by Sanjita Singh

The morning whispers sing in my soul,

I wake up early and speak to the birds and crows,

While feeding them, pigeons and sparrows play beside my toes,

Chirping and cheering all around, my heart races to the peak of joy,

This silent hour of morning is when I thank the almighty lord.

On the swing of attaining peace I found my happiness around,

Questions and answers, in legions once arrowed my brow,

Life and death, happiness and sorrow, giving and receiving;

These are phases that make the life cycle move.

I laud the morning thoughts that keep my spirit strong,

Then close my eyes, and visualize an unknown heaven on earth;

I see the flowers bloom, the sun-rise, and the sky pervading in the sound of birds.

Kissed by the soft breeze, I open my eyes,

It’s serene everywhere in the environment so blessed,

And I still hear the soft words of the song of my soul.

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Mary from Seattle JANUARY 28, 2017
That is quite beautiful, Sanjita! Thank you for the images your words bring to me.

Jeevan singh Thakur from India OCTOBER 20, 2016
Excellent thoughts for nature and very inspired ,good keep it up.

Rejwan from USA OCTOBER 9, 2016
It's relay a motivate story. It inspired me to wake up from my bed at 6 am.

Shashi from USA AUGUST 22, 2016
That inspired me to go out just now when it is already8 am .