Submitted by Sanjita Singh

It was my pre-medical student days when I was highly motivated to be a cardiologist. Hardly known to the fact that sometimes destiny holds you back, I was down with some-not-so-properly diagnosed auto-immunity disease.

This led me to be in bed for almost 3 months, unwell and writing sad poems. Heart-broken, when I heard the doctor reveal to my parents that medicines weren't working on improving my health. Slowly and sadly, I stopped dreaming to be a doctor during this course of time. Rather, I became a sad poet in the state where I would hardly move or talk but write.

A miracle happened after 3 months when I showed signs of recovery and I could walk out of the bed. I started feeling hungry and thirsty and in no time, I recuperated.

This was that phase where my batch-mates went ahead and I lagged behind. With no aim, I joined a BA degree and later an MA. Poetry books in MA inspired me, I came out to top the Masters degree, surprisingly. I wrote almost 300 poems. Sad and romantic!

I wrote articles, got selected as student editor of the college magazine. I went ahead to do Mass Communication with an aim now! My aim was to read my bylines, as that was my thrill. I got through the job of a copy-editor and correspondent in one of the leading daily newspapers. Since then, I have never looked back.

I always thought, I am a failure in life who couldn't serve people by being a doctor. But this new life and new success, taught me that I was still serving others by being their tongue and voice. I was a winner! There are many advisers around us, but life itself is the biggest teacher that teaches us in the most beautiful manner. It is only we need to understand things patiently and stay strong to move ahead.

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oscar from peru AUGUST 27, 2017

khushal from Pune AUGUST 16, 2017
great story..

Rishabh from Delhi  MAY 25, 2017
Good story

Very Nice

Susan from Bahrain DECEMBER 27, 2016
You need to hear a story like this to move on with a mundane life. It makes you feel you are making a difference in some small way