Submitted by Paul Minorini

So I'm stuck in O'hare airport on an extremely long weather delay, pacing up and down the terminal for some exercise, when I pass a wine bar for the twentieth time or so. But this time there is a young woman behind the roped off piano, playing what I can only describe as absolutely beautiful classical music. She was not there the ten minutes prior when I passed.

I of course sit down at an empty table for four very near the piano, and proceed to be warmed by her music (and a bit by the wine)! She plays so effortlessly and with such beauty in every note. Her music immediately brings a huge smile to my face!

Soon, on a break, i thank her and she tells me that after a long day traveling, and now also facing long weather delays, she "just needed to blow off some steam." Wow! Her version of blowing off steam is a gift to behold.

As I sit alone sipping my wine, soaking in this young woman's celebration of her musical passion, two woman approach my table and ask if they can join me. I invite them to sit and we immediately begin sharing our love of music and celebrating the happiness the piano music is bringing us in that moment.

The two women and I begin to talk about our travels, life journeys, and passions. They soon share with me their recent engagement and plans to marry in a year or so. Their love for each other brings another huge smile to my face, much like the music that originally brought us together. We discuss politics, life, marriage, children, careers, family, friends, mentors, and our many life perspectives and experiences. One of the women is a successful author, and the other a successful attorney transitioning to a new adventure helping ex-convicts rebuild their lives.

Hearing that incredible piano music, and then meeting such interesting women, who generously shared with me their wisdom, perspectives, and feelings of love for each other, was truly joyous. Faced with an 11 hour travel day -- to get what normally takes 45 minutes --could have been physically and emotionally exhausting. Rather, by the total fortuity of walking by a wine bar at the right moment, and having a couple of seats open at my table, my life was filled with joy.

I will cherish those moments for some time to come. This experience highlights the critical need in our lives to stop and listen to the music. To invite others to sit at your life table. To open yourself up to a stranger or two, sharing some of your deepest perspectives and experiences. Be open to noticing and absorbing, and also contributing to, the joy around you!

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banda's Kids from dip JANUARY 15, 2017
Thanks for this its really helping me. this is a true life joy i so happy for you and your friends

Hamda Azeem from Karachi, Pakistan  JANUARY 10, 2017
Enjoyed it!

vishrut DECEMBER 22, 2016
its a very good story

Melinda from Los Angeles, CA NOVEMBER 18, 2016
Touching story

Nishi from Lucknow india  AUGUST 14, 2016
I have found something in me missing . Now I get it that it was the closed door of my life which I did not let open to others.