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As a fourteen-year-old girl, you may think that the biggest problem you can probably face is fail one of your classes in High School, but not everything is as easy as it seems. My parents are going through a lot lately, we recently moved from Houston and bought a house in Dallas, and my dad had almost no money left in the bank due to the fact that he had to pay the water and electric company in order for them to activated in my house. My brother -who is a nice, free-caring six year old just like every other- started to become very distant from us the first week we moved into the house. As much as we tried to ask him what was wrong, he wouldn't budge to tell us. I was really confused by the way he acted, because he normally was a nice and kind little boy who would often go out and play with the neighbors and would just be outside, enjoying the day. That little boy completely turned around and became a very distant and cold child. He would sit in his room the whole day with the door closed, he would not go out even for supper, and we were very worried. We went to talk to his teacher who said that he was very shy when it came to talking in front of the other kids, but he had developed a little confidence at recess and started to play with the kids in his class. The teacher mentioned that him and a kid from a higher level started "hanging out" away from the rest of the kids, my mom thought of it as a good thing, thinking it meant that my brother had started to make new friends, but I knew it meant something else. I tried talking to my brother even though he didn't want to, but he didn't say anything dealing with the bigger kid. Until one day, he came home, crying, and it seemed like I was the only one that noticed, because my mom and dad stay in the living room, watching the television while I got up and ran behind him. He was crying really badly and had a huge cut in his upper left arm, I asked him what had happened, and as soon as he heard my voice, he stopped crying and covered up his arm, pretending as if nothing had happened. I uncovered his arm and looked at the cut with my eyes wide open, not believing what I saw. I sat on his bed and put him on my lap, and started asking him questions about what had happened. After a while, he gave in and started telling me that the bigger kid had stolen his lunch several days in a row and started hitting him when he fought back. He started crying while he was telling me everything, and it made me want to cry, too. When he finished talking, I hugged him really tight and told him everything was going to be okay. We when back to the living room where my parents were and told them everything, and they started feeling emotional, too. The next day we went to the school and told the teachers and the principal what the kid was doing to my brother, and they acted real nice. They called the kid's parents and talked to them about all the bad thing their son had done to my brother, they made the kid apologize to my brother and sent him to ISS for a week. After that, my brother became the happy little boy he used to be before coming to this town.

My point is: If you are being bullied, report it before it is too late. There is people such as teachers, principals, janitors, security guards, and even your parents who can help you get through. Being bullied is not easy, but not saying anything about it isn't going to help you. Stop bullying, ask for help, do the right thing and report it.

Together we can stop bullying.

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Anonymous NOVEMBER 19, 2015
wow first class story hatoff

Singh NOVEMBER 10, 2015
u did right..