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I am in 2nd period and the class was reading so I was reading like I was told to so I did and then a new kid comes to class and he came from a different school so then I remember what it was like to be the new kid in a class full of strangers. I am in school in reading class. I’m sitting at my desk quietly and then somebody starts talking to me. I turn around and start talking to her. We start having a conversation and she starts to ask me questions.
I answer the questions truthfully and honestly. I start to ask questions about her and she answered them truthfully and honestly as well. I asked her what her name was and she said it was Mackenzie and she asked what my name was and I said Anthony. She said “I like the name Anthony”. I said “thanks for that because you are the first person that said that they liked my name so i thank you for the compliment.

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