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Trying out for a sport is scary and nerve racking. It’s never as easy as it looks. You have to work on things before tryouts even come. For example I wanted to try out for cheer. I worked on things that I needed to be better at doing before tryouts even came. The first day of clinics was very hard! I was really sick, I felt like I just got food poisoning again. We ran a lot that day and I felt like just throwing up again. I was probably the last one day with conditioning. When it came to learning to dance after conditioning it was frustrating.
Let’s just say the first day of clinics was a disaster. The next day of clinics wasn’t so bad. My friends that wanted to tryout with me helped me with things, but they were having troubles learning them to. There were so many girls trying out, you really couldn’t focus. That same day they quit trying out, something about family problems and the money for cheer. They were my support.
The next day this girl named Alexis that was a cheerleader, that was graduating saw that I was kind of struggling. I asked her a lot of questions. “Can you PLEASE help me with my arms? “Am I doing this right?” What am I doing wrong?” She replied, “Don’t worry; I’ll help you with everything!” Later that day she let me record her doing the dance and cheer from the front view and the back.
After clinics were over, that day I went home and fixed things that I needed to work on. I worked on the cheer and dance for about three hours outside until I didn’t hesitate doing it. That night I got everything down pat in my head. I got everything good, I felt really confident for tryouts. The only problem that night was figuring out my eight counts. The day of tryouts all day at school I had butterflies in my stomach, I was so nervous. After fourth period was over, I started to walk over to the old Granger into my work out clothes.
What we had to wear for tryouts was black shorts and a white shirt so they can see your number really good. As soon as I saw Alexis I told her, “I’m scared, I’m going to chicken out!” she replied, “You’ll do well, just smile the whole time”. Thirty minutes later I was called in to try out and I did great! Two days later I went online to see if I made it, I did! Moral of the story, the year for next year’s tryouts, I see a girl struggling, so I help her as much as I can.

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