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what you do for yourself counts more than what others have done or can do for you. Self discipline is the most important feature in any life. Unless you put yourself in mental discipline, you will never develop the forces in you that are valuable to the commercial world. Rule your temper so that no matter what happens, what is been said or done, your temper will be under absolute control. Anyone who cannot rule his temper will never achieve the success that is meant for him. Gorven your tongue so that it will not injury the people around you. The man or woman who makes no valuable contribution to destructive talk or thoughts is a valuable assest anywhere. The one who govern his temper, his tongue, his appetite, though hehas but a mediocre ability, is bound to get to the top. It is controlled power that is important. Nothing will take the place of hard work intelligently directed. Talents in you need push to make it worth money. It is you and you alone who will do the developing. Don't wait for opportunity, go make your opportunity. Always remember that your worst enemy is inside you. No circumstances, No person or combination of persons can conquer you as long as you do not destroy your own prospect yourself. Don't be satisfy with anything you do. Always seek to improve yourself. That's the attitude that we need.

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rupande shah from Ahmedabad AUGUST 22, 2013
Nice one.

Jonabyl from philippines AUGUST 16, 2013
I love the story

Chukwuemeka from nigeria AUGUST 8, 2013
i am motivated and desire more of this

Song muna from Nairobi AUGUST 4, 2013
well stated, thank u. Am going 2 be all this.

jloo from ny AUGUST 1, 2013
exactly what i needed after a argument with a coworker at work ytd.