Submitted by Ricky Amar

I was fortunate this summer to be given a scholarship by the Magic Wand Foundation to attend a leadership camp at Disney called The Ultimate Life Summit. Here, I learned about 7 Mindsets to live my dream life. It was an awesome experience meeting kids from many states in the US as well as other countries ... I am from Trinidad and Tobago. At the end of the camp we were given a challenge based on one of the mindsets ... Live to Give ... this is about sharing and helping others achieve their dreams, and doing good in your community so others can benefit . My NGO, Random Acts of Good Deeds does projects that help others in communities and we are spokespersons for an awareness campaign on child sexual abuse. This campaign is run by our local university and UNICEF. On my return, I got together with my friends and big brother and sister volunteers to do my Live to Give challenge.

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