Submitted by Ethar Hamid

When I was in middle school and high school, people used to think I was so are some examples of what I heard when I was in school; “What a weird kid.” “What an oddball.” “What a shy girl.” “She never talks." and "Why is she always by herself?" Their words hurt at the time, like it should for an adolescent. It hurt because when you're in that situation, you tend to take people's words to heart. But looking back at that makes me laugh, instead of tear up. I still think about what the school people said today, but in a completely different light. Now, whenever I hear the word weird, I smile. I don’t mind it anymore. I had finally realized that it's not the end of the world if you're kind of a weirdo. What’s so bad if you're a little bit weird? Even if I’m as weird as they said, it’s ok. Weird can be wonderful, too. And life is about showing your true colors,and being YOU, and LIVING...not about being "normal" and "conforming." Accepting my weirdness gave me so much liberation. I’d rather be weird all the days of my life than have to suffer one day of being like them, if that's what "normal" is like...(yugh). So, yes, I am a weirdo. Whoo hoo! Weirdos rock. So. I am, and always will be, a weirdo freak. Signed, Ethar Eltigani Hamid…
The End

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grace from burnt hills NOVEMBER 5, 2013
i really was touched by your story.... i, like you am i weirdo freak. you inspired me to be individual

meenakshi from india JUNE 14, 2013
The story I Am, and Always Will Be, a Weirdo Freak is awesome I really loved that .Thanks for posting that I too belong to the same category .I feel very comfortable to have another person like me.