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I strive for the highest ideals. I have outstanding passion, motivation & enthusiasm to constantly improve what I expect from myself. I don't take the easy way out. I don't accept defeat. I pick myself up quicker than anyone else. I learn not only from my mistakes, but also the mistakes of others. I have no space for excuses in my life. I am committed to developing the necessary skills, attitudes and behavior to achieve my full potential. I challenge immoral acts with a real sense of courage, self-belief and dedication.

I pledge to give my best in talent, time & effort to those in need. I plan to excel, not just get by, in life. I promise to contribute with sincerity & selflessness. I am the master of my fate.

"I make these promises solemnly, freely, and upon my honor." — Prayer of Maimonides.

It doesn't really matter if I am all of the above. What matters is, are you?

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Miguel M. from Arizona, USA MAY 19, 2008
All people should write something like this to help them put there lives in order. It really puts into perspective the person you are and what you want to be. Thank you!

Grace. E. APRIL 24, 2008
I try my best to do these things everyday, but it's hard to keep going at it when it doesn't even seem to make a difference or matter to anyone around me...I suppose I should do it only to better myself and live the way I want to for me.

Lorena from Long Beach, CA APRIL 18, 2008
There are those who do things for themselves, and then there are those whom rely on others to do it for them. This quote really hits those characteristics that separate the "Doers" from the "Askers". Thank you for sharing this, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Lauren J. from Spokane, Washington USA FEBRUARY 8, 2008
I felt bad there were no comments on this story. Thank you for sharing, it is a great story!