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Father had always been there for me since day 1. By the time I turned 16, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Docs back home referred him to a better hospital in Hawaii. Dad's relatives chipped in money for my ticket to Hawaii but during all this wait, the doctors in Hawaii said he was getting worse and had been in a coma. I arrived in Hawaii a week later and upon entering his room, my heart melted to see him suffering. I began crying and whispered in his ear, "if you can hear me, I hope and pray you overcome this sickness so you can see me graduate, walk me down the aisle, and be the perfect grandpa (if I have kids). I need you daddy, please wake up." To my surprise, he opened his eyes slowly, filled with tears, and squeezed my hand. The doctor walked in and said he was a fighter. I sat there for hours just talking to him without any reply. He passed away the next day. I didn't get my father back but I know he loved me so much to use his last strength. I love you daddy!

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