Axana Soltan


Axana is an inspiration. At only fifteen in United States, Axana became the CEO and Founder of Enhancing Children’s Lives Organization, a foundation dedicated to providing access to education, advocacy, medical care and meal nourishment to low-income children in Virginia and around the world. Axana’s steadfast commitment for women’s right and children made her a global champion. In her capacity as an education activist, Axana has secured the education of over 1,700 children around the world. The organization has also been actively providing these children with thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies, hundreds of shoes, clothing and even food.

Axana has established the first municipal library and social cafe in the world’s most illiterate country—Afghanistan. She has established the first woman and girls bookstore and library in Mazar, Afghanistan. The library has thought over 6,000 women and girls how to read and write. Axana speaks for the many unheard voices as a refugee and as a woman. As a humanitarian and an activist, she is ready to fight for refugee crises, gender equality, education, poverty, literacy, women’s issues with grace and courage.

Her organization, Enhancing Children's Lives (ECL) has been recognized as a certifiable organization under White House Presidential Service Award. She has been endorsed as a finalist for a position as a U.S Youth Observer for United Nations to represent the voice of youth in America. She is an active community leader for Girl Up Foundation of UN, Vice Provost of United Nations Children's Relief Fund Chapter and will be serving the role of Delegate at the United Nations Headquarters for the 22nd session of Youth Assembly. Axana is the recipient of Excellence In Virginia Government Award, an award presented to individuals making noteworthy contributions to the practice of government, human rights and the betterment of Virginia and beyond.

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