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The Foundation for a Better Life is pleased to offer, at no charge, these life affirming true stories to you and your readers.

For 21 years, our Pass It On campaign promoting positive values has provided uplifting and encouraging messages. You may have noticed them on TV where they are viewed over 50 million times each day. Nielsen Media Research tells us they are the “most watched” PSA’s in the country. Through broadcast distribution, the internet and streaming they are also seen in over 200 countries. Additionally, our billboard campaign was recognized by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America as “...the most successful public service campaign in the history of outdoor advertising.”

And now, newspapers. We are excited about the opportunity! If your readers are looking for inspiration, we believe these messages will be rewarding. Each week, the Pass It On series will feature a new story to hopefully provide an uplifting moment in someone’s day and then... pass it on. We trust that they will come to look forward to them. Thank you for considering these for your readers. The Foundation for a Better Life is a 501(c)3 organization.

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Be there being present passiton

Being There, Being Present.

Fifty years ago, autumn in a small town meant the annual coming of age ritual that brings boys and their fathers together... preview

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Courage to do passiton

Courage To Do.

In 1841, a physically imposing, twenty-three year-old Frederick Douglass leaned against the rail of a ferry... preview

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Earning trust passiton

Earning Trust.

Nancy was suddenly a single mother. Her husband of 17 years passed away leaving her with kids to finish raising and no savings... preview

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Forgiveness heals us passiton

Forgiveness Heals Us

Forgiveness isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes we think it needs to be earned rather than freely given... preview

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Let gratitude move you to action passiton

Let Gratitude Move You to Action.

Our modern culture tends to focus on past regrets and future uncertainty. It is the present where we need to focus... preview

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Love endures passiton

Love and Healing

Nelda was 23 years old and pregnant with her third daughter during the Grate Depression... preview

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Nature therapy passiton

Getting Outside is the Best Way to Get Rid of the Blues

Brad’s idea of a good time is to swim across the lake at the base of the Grand Tetons... preview

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Tenacity to see the stars passiton

The Tenacity to See the Stars

One of the most often used behavioral descriptors today is Attention Deficit Disorder, which basically means unable to sit still or focus for longer than a few minutes... preview

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The road to appreciation passiton

The Road to Appreciation

Mick is a big man with long hair and beard that would place him naturally onstage with the Grateful Dead... preview

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You can do this passiton

You Can Do This.

Roland is trim and fit. Yet in his early forties, his knees are giving him trouble... preview

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