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When Joshua Williams was a little boy, he saw a homeless person & wanted to help. He started his own foundation to help others with food & other basic necessities. Now his organization has inspired other kids to do the same. Watch the amazing story of Joshua Williams, then go behind the scenes to learn more about other kids who are changing lives of thousands of people.

This video features the iconic sermon by Martin Luther King Jr. called 'The Drum Major Instinct'

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Watch an extended version of our Joshua William's video to see how Joshua & his friends go about helping others in their community. You'll see how they collect, organize and distribute food & other basic necessities to those in need & hear about other volunteers who have been inspired to start their own projects.

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Watch our new :60 second public service announcement featuring Joshua Williams. When Josh was only five years old, he started a non-profit that has, so far, fed over 300,000 people. In this video, you'll see him organize an event where volunteers pack leftover shoe boxes with food, toiletries and other essentials and pass them out to those in need.


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Visit joshuasheart.org to see all the amazing work Joshua and his team are doing now.


OCTOBER 18, 2017
Kerri Medina from Miami, FL
It has been a joy to get to know Joshua and watch him impact the world around him a profound way. While some may be tempted to let praise and publicity go to their head, Joshua remains a grounded, humble, insightful young man whose sole purpose is to stop hunger one family at a time. I am overjoyed to see his efforts being promoted and celebrated. Joshua is living proof that one person truly can make a difference!

OCTOBER 16, 2017
Bridjette Hoilett Green from Miami Beach FL
I have known Joshua since he was five years old. It touched my heart to hear that he wanted to open his foundation! I have watched him develop and grow, but most importantly his dedication to his goal to Stomp out Hunger is heart warming. Josuha is truly an example to us all. He shows how perseverance in a dream can accomplish great things! He is truly one of my inspirations!!

OCTOBER 15, 2017
vickie from plainfield, Indiana
Am amazingly , wonderful thing you are doing. Thank you much. Would love to help.

OCTOBER 15, 2017
Karen from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Joshua you are an inspiration to all of us. Keep spreading the love and continue to inspire your generation to #PassItOn

OCTOBER 14, 2017
Roslyn Parker from Houston Texas
Joshua is such an amazing young man who is truly living his purpose. It was awesome seeing all of the young people rally around the cause and living their purpose too. Seeing this reminds me that there is hope for tomorrow.

OCTOBER 14, 2017
Kiwi from New Zealand
that is incredible....so pleased to hear that people are still kind and loving in this world today. God Bless you Joshua and i hope you have a good life:)

OCTOBER 11, 2017
Laurie from Union City CA
God bless you Joshua!

OCTOBER 10, 2017
Bruce Henson from Gordon, WI
Jushua, you ROK. Meaning, you're part of my Religion of Kindness. Nothing matters more in the world, especially these days.

OCTOBER 10, 2017
Keep up de gud work.God bless you

OCTOBER 7, 2017
Lee Brown from Apache junction Az
Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.

OCTOBER 7, 2017
Joe from Barre, MA
So inspiring! Thank you Joshua!

OCTOBER 6, 2017
hi i <3

OCTOBER 6, 2017
i think this is amazing