Aretha Franklin’s “RESPECT” is part of our lives. This message motivates, inspires and is a reminder that good people are all around us. RESPECT...Pass It On.


What you want, baby I got it,
What you need, do you know I got it,
All I'm asking is for a little respect.

Young Man:
Excuse me Ma'am, would you like to have my seat?

Just a little bit.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, take care, TCB, oh!
(Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)

Respect. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Pearlie M Graves from Greensboro North Carolina  FEBRUARY 3, 2022
There is still Respect.

Lisa Smith from Alabama  JANUARY 7, 2022
This is a wonderful commercial. Respecting elders and being willing to help them is so important. A young man being a good role model for others is awesome.

khloe ferrell from school  OCTOBER 6, 2021
my word is respect so i picked this video

Lisa Butowsky from Perkasie, Pa SEPTEMBER 5, 2021
In my job (Your Charming Child) I teach etiquette (courtesy, respect, gratitude, kindness, integrity, manners, etc). to children and teens. I LOVE this campaign! There really has been quite a shift from these attributes being of utmost importance at home and in school to not being a priority today. It’s very sad. Keep up the great work! I will keep ‘passing it on’.

Abigail Marquez from Orlando, Florida  APRIL 29, 2021
Love this. We live in a world where there is no more respect. No respect for your elders, no respect for authority, no respect for the government. We need more of this!!

SharaLott from Utah MARCH 21, 2021
I'm the redhead in this commercial and I enjoyed the message of this! My oldest daughter is in it too. This meant a lot to me that this moral of respect is taught here. The golden rule is very important to remember when giving respect it earned. Treat others how you would want to be treated. I don't even know if this being taught to up coming generations. However this commercial does a wonderful job of doing just that! I would do it all again! Thanks for letting me share!

Pat from Maine FEBRUARY 7, 2021
I’m so glad to see this commercial. Please make more. Many of our children & young adults today need to see this awesome commercial.

Brian from NYC JANUARY 9, 2021
Iconic commercial.

Sue from Grand Rapids, Mi NOVEMBER 15, 2020
This is a special campaign. Keep up the great work. We always need something uplifting but especially now. Thsnk you.

Zoe from KY NOVEMBER 7, 2020

Yvonne Baker from 529 Winslow NOVEMBER 5, 2020
I love the songs

angel from Hickory  SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
excuse me,you want to take my seat

Wanda bremer from Georgia AUGUST 22, 2020
I think this campaign is beautiful

Joe from Memphis, Tn. JULY 1, 2020
I remember those days. And yes I know their still around just not as frequent as it use to be.

Derrick from Lacey, Washington JUNE 17, 2020
Beautiful message, I wish everyone could see this site

Ana Paula from Brazil APRIL 24, 2020
The world needs more people's actions like that to be better!

Armando Ruelas from Border region San Ysidro ca./Tijuana BC Mx. APRIL 24, 2020
Beautiful and inspiring messages. Every time I see them, I thank my GOD for the blessings of being alive. THANK YOU

michaele from Illinois  APRIL 9, 2020

Samik shetty from Dubai APRIL 2, 2020
This story shows that despite the man is young and th lady old,he shows his respect to her by giving up her seat since shes old and she cant walk or stand properly

Ariv APRIL 2, 2020
Elderly, sick and those pregnant should be made to sit instead of healthy and young people in case of crowded environment.

Shelley Riggs from Cambria CA JANUARY 26, 2020
Right on! So true and love that Aretha!!!

Rigal from Providence, RI DECEMBER 5, 2019
We need more psa like this to remind us how to treat each other in positive, caring and uplifting ways

Tammie Caldwell from Mississippi  OCTOBER 29, 2019
These are awesome!! Thank u

Juan Gomez from West Valley City, UT OCTOBER 8, 2019
Hulu has played this wonderful PSA. It’s been ten years ago that I’ve seen this on regular television. I still recognize the street and the bus from Utah.

Iris Register from Atlanta, Ga OCTOBER 8, 2019
I Iove, love, love the positive messages. Continue to make our world a better place.

Anonymous OCTOBER 3, 2019

Beverly Beauford from Indiana  AUGUST 23, 2019
This warms my heart I'm sure more things like this happens and with Aretha singing that chinched it

Billy E from Memphis, Tn AUGUST 17, 2019
I just love the idea of Pass It On. I get emotional when I see acts of kindness in people. I will definently Pass It On.

George harris from NY AUGUST 16, 2019
I do that alot and will continue luv my elderly.🌹

Pat from Louisville ,oh AUGUST 14, 2019
Thank you for these daily’s reminders, of what we should all strive to be

Sue from Cedar Rapids, IA AUGUST 1, 2019
Love this spot. The young man is so respectful! Well cast. Thank you for making a difference in this world.

Carolyn from NC AUGUST 1, 2019
How respectful, putting others before ourselves.

Blanca Ramos from San Jacinto, Ca JULY 12, 2019
Love these type of commercials the world needs more values and just spreading kindness helps. Thank you

Julie Jovigirl from NV JULY 6, 2019
I have a group on fb that shares the same messages. I love this. Let's all make the world better. WE CAN DO THIS!

Connie from Indiana JULY 2, 2019
Thank you! It’s about time we see positive commercials! Good job!

Katie from Florida JUNE 15, 2019
Just discovered this site and it's amazingly inspiring. Thank you. I'd love to pass this message along with you.

Rain from California  JUNE 14, 2019
Just saw this on TV and loved the video and message behind it

Kittenfaye from Tennessee MAY 25, 2019
Your commercials are inspiring.:Maybe they will make a positive difference in how we treat each other. Please keep up the great work.

Anonymous MAY 23, 2019
Respect goes both ways, a thank you from the lady.

Anonymous MAY 13, 2019
I watch these videos any time I need courage,patience or anything else.

Diane LaManna from Colorado APRIL 14, 2019
I really like all the pass it on commercials.

Anonymous APRIL 10, 2019
During my 32 years of being in charge of the Peace Corps Aretha Franklin and I talked about respecting others many times and how to help when there is need to help.

Anonymous APRIL 8, 2019
That was the nicest thing ever☺

Thomas from Rio Grande Valley, Texas APRIL 8, 2019
Please continue to remind us that the world still needs work even today. We sometimes think that we have gone so far, but we still need a way to go.

Rochelle Singleton from East Cleveland, Ohio  APRIL 6, 2019
Beautiful acts of kindness are rooted in respect. Pass It On !

Kathy from Georgia  APRIL 6, 2019
I recently posted posted about must being old cause I still believe in respect and then today I see this awesome commercial. Love it

Mandy from Ohio APRIL 4, 2019
Best commercial I've seen in awhile

Christine Cournoyer from Westford, MA APRIL 1, 2019
Absolutely LOVE this commercial and would love to see more like this one. Great job!!

Caroline Cortez from West Covina, California MARCH 29, 2019
Why is there so much Hate in this World. Respect one another Males, Males, Females, Females, Females & Males. I Love Everyone I Know

Esther Matute from KINGSWOOD Elementary School, Brandon FL MARCH 19, 2019
Outstanding... I would like to know if any of the pass it on videos are available for schools. They are perfect to play before assemblies and parent programs

Ken from Illinois MARCH 7, 2019
You don't have to look too far to see "good"!!

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2019
always show respect and help others

Anonymous MARCH 1, 2019
I really love how someone finally got it ,that we are all the same no matter what and what matters is passion, patients, respect, kindness and love for all people.

carolyn from Ohio FEBRUARY 21, 2019
i can see a person being kind enough to give their seat on a bus to a elderly pregnant or hanicap person, even if they don;t appear to be that type of person that sows true love and respect.

Anonymous FEBRUARY 19, 2019
always have respect no matter whst

Anonymous FEBRUARY 19, 2019
respect other people and be kind to them

That was the best thing EVER

Kenyan Simmons from Gresham or  FEBRUARY 15, 2019
Awesome video I love what it stands for

Anonymous FEBRUARY 11, 2019
He’s so nice and a good gentellman for giveing her v bucks

Bonni from Pennsylvania  JANUARY 29, 2019
Such respect! It does exist!!

David from Alfred ME JANUARY 26, 2019
Well done!

Noelia from NJ DECEMBER 15, 2018
From where I come from,this is one of the first things we learned on school(your seat belongs to older people,pregnant women and mothers with child/children). Respect and kindness...

Judith from Tennessee SEPTEMBER 13, 2018
How nice! Give credit to “Parenting!”

Anonymous AUGUST 29, 2018

steve from db OCTOBER 23, 2016
great video

Carmella from South Carolina SEPTEMBER 12, 2016
The reward is in the giving respect!

Anonymous JANUARY 12, 2016
Awesome thanks for the first time to see these videos so respectful thanks for sharing this

Scott from 95035 DECEMBER 25, 2015
I always remembered this as a kid. Always did the same.

Glenda from Kent OCTOBER 9, 2015
We could all do with a bit more of this RESPECT

Denise from Houston, TX SEPTEMBER 9, 2015
Jaw dropping!

jessica from Gettysburg SEPTEMBER 15, 2014
Great video!!!!:):):)

Cassidy from Utah JULY 23, 2014
I would love to have access to the embed code to add these commercials to my counseling website. These lessons are much needed! Great commercials

Sr. Athens from Lahore JULY 11, 2014
A value long forgotten. Thanks for the reminders. Gratitude to those with a heart.

kimberly from home FEBRUARY 19, 2014
i really like this one because it shows that people are different in good ways

Marievic from Philippines DECEMBER 5, 2013

deneige from winnipeg OCTOBER 25, 2013
I like it I like Respect

michelg from denver, co APRIL 9, 2010
These are all wonderful clips but this one should be showed more often on TV. We could use more respect in this world! Nice job!

Michael L from Illinois APRIL 5, 2010
There all great. We need the politicans to veiw these and maybe they will figure out why they are there.

Aubrie G. from Apple Valley, CA DECEMBER 18, 2009
This was the best.

Tim S. from Camillus, NY OCTOBER 19, 2009
One of the best sites ever. Keep up your fantastic work. It IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Erin B from Tyler, Texas OCTOBER 8, 2009
I love these....I teach character education and they help so much. God Bless You and what you are doing!

Timothy T. from Madison, NJ JULY 27, 2009
I just noticed your billboard on my way toward the Lincoln Tunnel. I looked up the site and found myself in tears. Thank you.

Roddy P. from Sudbury, Ont., Canada MARCH 10, 2009
These are the most heartistic TV Spots ever made. I use them in educating my Teenage Youth. I teach Character Education and abstinence. Your videos help so much. Could I get your latest DVD?

Scott C. from New Castle, Indiana FEBRUARY 7, 2009
I am happy to say this is one my little girl's favorite spots you air, and one of mine, next to "Locker" and "Cafeteria." I was always raised to be respectful of others, especially the elderly, and the world will definitely be a better place if we all choose to live that way. Thanks for the hard work and thought!

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
The hard work you all put into this spot was well worth it, it is very well done!

Ellisa K. from Roseville, MI DECEMBER 4, 2008
These are the values, moral and traditions I hope to teach my children! I saw this commercial today with my five-year old and he said, "That was a nice thing to do, wasn't it, Mommy"? Thank you for reinforcing what we all want to see out of our children and ourselves.

Ethan H. from Utah SEPTEMBER 24, 2008
Wow. This really puts the goals from The Foundation for Better Life in perspective. Because respect really does matter. Now I can pass it on.

Alfred G. from Azusa, CA SEPTEMBER 4, 2008
This is the third commercial I've seen on TV from The Foundation for a Better Life. The first one was with "the greatest hitter/pitcher in the world!" which is my favorite commercial ever. The second was about the dad that helps the umpire even after he incorrectly calls him out to end the game (I saw both while watching a Dodger games). I just wanted to comment on this one because I'm really hoping it gets through to not only younger adults and children, but some older adults that unfortunately haven't learned this valuable life lesson yet. I hope it touches so many more and makes them pass it on.

Sunshine B. from Colorado AUGUST 3, 2008
I love this comercial! The song RESPECT fits perfectly with the message. So many people wont respects their elders. Great job!

Shannon R. from Texas JULY 17, 2008
I was very impressed with this commercial! Young people today haven't been taught to respect or to be kind to the elderly! It's a small gesture that means so much and more people need to realize it needs to done more often!

Kim B. from Arvada, CO JULY 5, 2008
I hope that many young people see this one and offer their seat to someone that is, well, perhaps not as physically whole as they are. Thank you for a strong message

Claire F. from Lakewood, CA MARCH 14, 2008
This public service announcement is absolutely amazing! My boyfriend and I watched this public service announcement and finally realized what life has to offer in the future! We can't wait! Fantastic job, once again...

Roxanne E. from Kentucky, USA FEBRUARY 19, 2008
Reminds me of being 8 months pregnant and no one offering me a seat. We need to show respect for others as we would want it for ourselves.

Deb F. from Salt Lake City, Utah USA JANUARY 24, 2008
I was happily shocked to see myself on the "Bus" commercial last night-1-23-08.I had forgotten about working on this project a few years ago. I never saw it when it had previously aired. These are great commercials that should be aired more often during family viewing hours.

Ben M. from Colorado USA JANUARY 3, 2008
If you are a school or non-profit, I think you can get a copy of the commercials for free by filling out a form on the website. Go to the "for schools" section.

Jerome H. from Antipolo City, Philippines DECEMBER 22, 2007
This message is quite inspiring, I want to have a copy so that I can inspire others in Philippines. Can I have a copy of it? because i want to PASS IT ON!

Brad M. from New York City, New York USA OCTOBER 22, 2007
I LOVE your message...I want to Pass It On!

Michael G. from Orange Park, Florida USA OCTOBER 21, 2007
I would love to see these ads more! They always make me want to go do more in my community!

Michael C. from Iowa, USA SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
Respect for others is important. That's what my grandma has taught me. Being 15 years old and in high school I don't see much respect anymore. My advice is to forget what your peers think of you, and don't be a jerk because it looks cool. Respect others and you might be respected equally. If not at least you can feel better about yourself!

Cosmo from Ohio, USA SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
I have seen this one on TV! That is why I'm here looking at these.

George O from Austin, Texas APRIL 30, 2007
This is unbelievable! I'd like to be a part of it if possible.

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